The Glass Half

by The Glass Half

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released May 15, 2012

All tracks recorded in Brooklyn, NY and Nancy, FR between June 2010 and October 2011.
Executive production by Matmat & Jonah Byrd.
All tracks mixed by Matmat, except "Palm Of Your Hand" and "ClapTrap" mixed by Julien Carton and "Daylight" and "Gone Far East" mixed by Matmat and Lartizan.
Mastered by Steve Berson at Total Sonic Media, Brooklyn, NY.
Artwork & design by Matmat ( and Jonah Byrd (
© LZO Records 2012.



all rights reserved


The Glass Half Brooklyn, New York

The Glass Half, formed by French producer Matmat and New York singer and instrumentalist Jonah Byrd, delivers a psychedelic sound collage of hip-hop, rock, jazz and brazilian music. The band's upcoming debut album journeys through soulful vocals, intricated beats and charged lyrics and is set to be released on vinyl and digital formats in late spring 2012 by LZO Records. ... more

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Track Name: Daylight
We're only beginning to watch it all end, then pick up the pieces and start it again. (x4)

We gotta use big words, make sure our lies get heard, not understood, that's never good. Keep you all hypnotized, married to compromise, scripting your futures, scalpel and suture. Itemized lists of the risks you face. How to proceed? Let us demonstrate. Check in your mind, join the party line. / Polish those boots till the shit grin shine / Death march drills at a breakneck pace, be always on guard, keep a poker face. Unknowing accomplice, knew all along.
You just didn't have time for the rights and wrongs.

One of these kids is not like the others. Has no respect, suspects older brother might not have his best interest in mind, leads with his heart, isn't scared to shine. Daylight on your cryptic face, always hiding your kills in the paper chase, leading the weak with a show of force, dazzling display of exquisite corpse.
Track Name: Long Train Runnin'
Down around the corner
A half a mile from here
You can see them long trains run
And you watch them disappear
Without love
Where would you be now
Without love

You know I saw Miss Lucy
Down along the tracks
She lost her home and her family
And she won't be comin' back
Without love
Where would you be right now
Without love

Well the Illinois Central
And the Southern Central Freight
Gotta keep on pushin' mama
'Cause you know they're runnin' late
Without love
Where would you be now, na-na-now
Without love

Well the pistons keep on churnin'
And the wheels go 'round and 'round
And the steel rails are cold and hard
For the miles that they go down
Without love
Where would you be right now
Without love
Where would you be now
Track Name: Gone Far East
The best joys, they bear a little sadness.
The best people wear a touch of madness.
Cause' you know, I know, the world is round.
Go too far in any one direction, it will appear that you've embraced defection.
Now you know the way to map things out
But don't go chasing that obsessive sorrow,
or you may find that you have lost tomorrow and the next day too….

1.)….you can't undo this, I've been through this.

2.)….while some get through this, some fall by the wayside.

Oh no, don't fall by the wayside

or get swept up in the tide.

You have to learn to abide.

Cause' you know, the world, the world is round.
Track Name: Hereafter
All my daily tensions build and here, today they will be spilled. Out on the page, I write my wrongs. As you can see, I know I'm flawed.

This is My Soul... Fading fast into the wasteland, I'm afraid I have no maps to guide my foot steps home.

I've gone astray somewhere outside of Graceland and all the tourists it attracts.

(I am sick with symptoms of this hollow world, it's jaded loves.
The way I feel is commonplace. I'm vanishing without a …)

Honestly, I sympathize with those who've blinders on their eyes. I never will regain the time on pain I wasted there.
No sculpting of reality, don't tell me who I ought to be, cause' in the end I've found again the wonder I had lost.

(I am sick with symptoms of this hollow world, it's jaded loves.)

A childlike belief that truth will hold my hand and guide me through to improvise melodic lines outside the written score.
I don't need your compromise, religiously advertised. Swallow this, open wide. Rotten to the core.

(I am sick with symptoms of this hollow world, it's jaded loves.)
Track Name: Palm Of Your Hand
Temptation is a rose crowned thorn in the palm of your hand,
a scorpion that will not sting you till you say it can.
If the mouth speaks only lies, the mind becomes deceived.
Careless spiders trap themselves in the webs they weave.

Questions must be asked of our true intentions when we trap ourselves in our own inventions. What we think we know is not all there is, Earth as she grows old more erratic spins.

Questions must be asked of our true intentions when we find ourselves living in contention. What we think we know is not all there is, Earth as she grows old more erratic spins.
Track Name: The Glass Half
The Harmony of you and me, the company of friends
The light that falls upon my walls and to my life attends
The echoes of the joyful times that ring inside my mind
The comfort felt in stumbling on life's unexpected finds.

The lamp that lights my path ahead, a solace in the night
The hands that reach to pull me out and make my burdens light.
The crashing rhythms of the sea, to wrestle with the waves
and sleeping toss upon them still at finish of the day.

What eyes do I look through, you ask? Half full this glass.
Compared to nothing, what I have is all I could ever ask.
Track Name: Forbidden Fruit
Born to carry that weight, but that's if you can
when you have no face and two broken hands.

Gone, the journey, so long
and that which you seek has always been around the bend.

Ch: The Sweet dream leaves me early, I'm caught in the parade.
Your heart stops in this moment, when you see the you you've betrayed.

Turn yourself inside out, try to contain the things you were told,
but perspectives change.

Wrapped deep in the heart.
Like your DNA, hard to remove. Dragging these chains.

All of these things, I know I shouldn't do….
I'm drawn by the mystery of forbidden fruit.
Gathered together, they equal demise.
Sweet to the taste, what will rot your insides.
Ideal intentions and a heart for the truth,
these were my friends in the days of my youth.
In the footsteps of Adam,
it's here that I stand, falling forever, temptation in hand.
Track Name: Claptrap
Claptrap----tinfoil hat-----newfangled----discombobulated-----scallywag buffoons---- stutter on a teeter-totter---vacillating cogitators---banter---blather---agitate-----make hideous and ghastly matters, turn the earth askew---well I never---burrowed---gone rabbity----rabbiting---per se---excavated---hole in the wall--perhaps---far from proper-----breach in the bulwark I gouge-----scarcely run the gamut------seldom prone to puffery-------loath to misconstrue---sporadically gone'a maundering----immersed in wayward wanderings----scope the scenes that men of means would rather no one knew------on the lookout-----interloper---fits his britches fine--likes to weave essential details in the curve------ obscure designs-----take a gander at these---rusted rabbit trails--- artifacts of intellect----perish the thought--and puh-leeze don't get caught----taken by the same old jingo--jangle earworm--- done conked out this crust of a culture---hoodwinked and hornswoggled---hobbled by the mumbo--jumbo---flustered, shock sets in----climb inside the skin of---this space age malady---insidious gibberish gets them all twitter-prated--crazed and raving---- machinations-----inscrutable deviations--- taken out of true-- hard to gauge-- so, enraged, I make my details in this cattywampus scrimshaw-----and so by doing, stave the day.----------------------------------------

(Let me be the entropy that breaks our false machinery)
Track Name: A Welcome Departure
Yes, I see the darkness, but it doesn't terrify me
It only makes me angry that so many walk so blindly
Into a trap where we are all rats
And how did we let ourselves accept that?

Beautiful was innocence
But in a sense I'm glad it's gone
An empty bliss was ignorance
I've learned the truth and now I'm stronger

If you sleep comfortably here in the big house
Entranced by this mind numbing put-on parade…
You can cover your ears while I open my big mouth
And inhale the fumes of this building ablaze
Aim for the rocks and ignore every lighthouse
Keep on believing you're free and you're saved
Or if you dare…

...Enough! This is not the way
And if I stay here, day after day
It'd be the gravest, the gravest mistake
No, I won't be canary for any coal mines
I won't be a rat left to wander this maze.
No upstanding monkey, whose given up comfortably,
Drawn by the call of some old gilded cage
Won't let unspoken anger turn cancer inside of me
Baffled by helplessness, failure and shame
For some, that chapter's been written.
Well, now I'm turning the page.
I said, now I'm turning the page.